And so begins my foray into the world of blogging.  Don’t worry, it only took me an hour to set this up..

This first week at Il Centro has been amazing.  Starting next week I’ll have more classes and more work but I am so excited for what’s ahead.  I have never met so many people who are so wonderfully nerdy but equally cool.  It’s a balance that only a precious few can successfully pull off and, luckily, a great number of them seem to be concentrated here.

I’m looking forward to some shopping and perhaps a beach trip this weekend with some academic reading and general merriment thrown in.

For those of you not on Facebook (and that number’s decreasing daily) here are some pictures of my excursions around Rome this first week.  These are from the class trips we’ve taken around the city for orientation mostly.





One thought on “Ciao!

  1. Linda A. Trappe says:

    Hi Katherine! this will be fun!!
    Writing you today, Saturday am, it is raining cats and dogs and the grass is loving it! Ror September we are very green and wet. Maya is here getting some Nelly time, the girls are very happy. enjoy your day, Linda


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