Grazie Mille

It is Sunday and Sunday is homework day.  Expect a lot of blog posts to happen on Sundays!

Wednesday: We took 2 trains and a tram down to the Villa Giulia museum and walked all through it before lunch.  There were so many beautiful artifacts in there.  Last week we focused on the Etruscans so that was most of the artwork we focused on but we also learned about the different shapes of Greek pottery and their functions.  The most exciting thing to see there was the Apollo of Veii.  Just an amazing sculpture.  I got pretty annoyed at the kids who ignored the museum staff and took pictures (AND FLASH PICTURES 😡 big no no) anyway.  After lunch we had classes in the afternoon.

Thursday: We went back to the Forum Romanum and got to see several things with special permission (!!) including the Temple of Castor and Pollux, the Fons Juturnae, and the Church of Santa Maria Antiqua.  That last one was an extremely special permission site.  We weren’t allowed to take any pictures or even move from the center of the room but it was so incredible.  We watched the restoring some of the frescoes.  After those amazing sites, we moved on to the ones that all the regular tourists get to see including the Basilica Aemilia, the Curia and Comitium, the Temple of Saturn, and the Regia.  It was about 90 degrees on Thursday and there isn’t much shade in the Forum.  It was a tough morning.  The weekend started after lunch on Thursday for me since I’m not taking either of the classes that meet Thursday afternoons!

Friday: The administrative staff, Franco and Pina, set up a wine symposium with a local expert.  He was, ahem, quite good-looking and knew so so much about wine.  I haven’t felt like such a stupid American in a long time!  Then we had a lovely dinner together out in the garden.

I won’t go into too many details about the weekend 🙂 Although next weekend I might be traveling!  On Saturday night we had another barbecue.  Tonight I think we’re going to go to an actual restaurant for dinner.  Fingers crossed that it won’t be too expensive…

As always, the rest of the pictures are up on my Facebook.  It just takes too long to put them all up here!

Back to homework!


One thought on “Grazie Mille

  1. Kelsey says:

    This sounds sooo awesome. You are so incredibly lucky! Too bad you couldn’t take pictures, although you could have been a rebel and tried. haha. Just kidding. Love and miss you! ❤


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