About the polizia, Ravenna, and how we all went a little crazy..

Don’t worry, these are all good stories.

The sad irony of having a blog is the longer I procrastinate writing a post, the longer the post has to be!  We finished a little early at the Forum today so I’m taking full advantage of this precious free time to blog instead of do homework.  You’re welcome!

Firstly, so that you don’t panic, the trip to the police station 10 days ago was not because we did anything wrong.  We need a special permisso to live in Italy as Americans and, even though the administration tried really hard to avoid any complicated procedures of us having to go to the polizia, we did have to make a group trip to get fingerprinted.  Unfortunately this eliminates my plan to steal an ancient artifact since they can trace me.  Darn.  That was kind of a rough way to spend Saturday morning (bus left at 9 am) but it all ended well and we should be getting the formal paperwork in a month or so (IRONIC BECAUSE WE’LL BE LIVING HERE THE WHOLE TIME!) so that’s all taken care of.

The week after that was pretty normal.  Trips around Rome, checked out the Palatine hill, Forum of Caesar, and the  Centrale Montemartini.  I very much enjoy the fact that my ‘average week’ consists of trips to restricted, ancient sites and phenomenal museum.  No big……. 😀

Friday afternoon we took a 5 hour bus ride to the charming town of Ravenna to check out some 5th century AD sites.  Mostly churches which are pretty far from my interest in ancient history but these churches were so incredibly and beautifully designed that I couldn’t help but love them a little bit.  We also went in a couple Baptistries and Mausoleums.  It is really amazing how creative people were (and are) and the beautiful craftsmanship they put into everything they created.  I could have stared at one mosaic in one church for hours and still not have been satisfied.  The pictures of these don’t even come close to doing the colors, shapes, and designs justice.  On Saturday night I went out to a very nice dinner in Ravenna with some of my friends – luckily ordering food and wine in Italian is pretty straightforward!

Sunday morning we got on the busses at 8:30 with the intention of driving make to Rome along the same route that Caesar marched when he started his famous civil war with Pompey.  That day was cool, for the most part.  We only got off the bus 4 times, including when we stopped at the Italian equivalent of a Rest Area for food.  By the time we got close to Rome we were all pretty much done of being so close to each other (and trying to do piles of homework on a bus) and then we hit the traffic.  Let me tell you, Roman traffic is like no traffic you have ever seen.  The problem here was that our bus did not have the Italian EZ Pass so we were stuck in the cash only lane for about an hour and a half.  It got pretty desperate at one point.  I won’t divulge the frightening details but let’s just say none of us are looking forward to the impending trip to Sicily…..

This week was Augustus Week!  Hooray!  Yesterday we got to go into the Forum of Augustus which was FREAKING AWESOME.  We also so the Ara Pacis, Augustus’ Mausoleum (what’s left), and a bunch of invisible monuments.  Those aren’t so exciting but it’s fun trying to use your imagination to picture what it would have looked like.  I got a friend of mine to take pictures in the Forum of Augustus so those are a surprise for you AND for me!

We leave for Sicily on Saturday morning.  I’m very much looking forward to going to the beach!  And it’s supposed to be cooler there (75 instead of 85 during the day).  I’m just rejecting the heat now and I insist on wearing pants everywhere.  Pants also help with the disgusting amount of mosquitos here.  They swarm around exposed flesh.  It’s terrifying.

Yesterday was also the first day of my internship with the American Academy in Rome!  There are 14 of us and we’re going to help put together and exhibition of ancient artifacts (for which we’ll get credit in the catalogue!!) and help them organize some of their ancient samples to make room for new (still ancient) samples!  I’m very very excited about that.

ALSO (jeez so much to say) I solidified my Fall Break plans so the week after Sicily I’ll be adventuring up through Italy to Paris, France for a couple of days.  Should have internet there so hopefully I can motivate myself to blog in real-time!

Shout out to Matt and Molly Trappe!  Congratulations on your beautiful daughter, Taylor.  Good luck and I’m hoping to meet her this summer!

Also shout out to Emily Holland.  Because she asked ;( Hope you’re enjoying real fall @ UNH ❤


3 thoughts on “About the polizia, Ravenna, and how we all went a little crazy..

  1. Amanda says:

    This sounds like the coolest trip ever!! Can’t wait to see the places that you have been talking about! Miss you tons and tons and haven’t talked to you in like a week. Please skype soon!


  2. Linda A. Trappe says:

    I am enjoying your pictures and blog…thanks for taking the time. You will be glad you did!
    It is amazing how the time goes by and all the fantastic places you have seen already!
    We are looking forward to seeing you and touring Rome!
    Hope Sicily is interesting/fun and the weather is holding for good touring. George’s nephwe Tim’s wife Grace (you remember) her parents ar from Sicily and still have a house there! I need to find out the town, maybe you heard of it?
    Can’t wait to hear about your trip North for break. Good experience for us plan our trip to Venice.
    You will love Paris…so much to see! Plan your attack now! Many of the cathedrals in Paris go back to 500BC…amazing they are standing at all! Enjoy all you can while there!
    Make sure you eat croissant…nothing like it anywhere else…delicioiso!!

    hope you’re having a good day! big hugs, Linda


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