You all know me.


2 thoughts on “About

  1. Mike Lawrence says:

    Hi Katherine,
    Having not been to Italy (yet!) what better way to get a taste than vicariously through you. Your Dad is quite proud of you and told us today on our bike ride home about your blog. I look forward to hearing about your exploits and seeing more fantastic pictures. I must say studying abroad is one of the things I missed out on in college. I find myself a bit envious. I hope you have an incredible time!! I’ll close with my the all the Latin that I know….carpe diem. Seems appropriate since you already have!
    Mike Lawrence


  2. Grandpa says:

    Hi Katherine. It’s grandpa!\

    Nancy and I have been enjoying your blog. Onlu wish we could have done some of those things when we were in Rome for ONE day! Instead we got ripped off by two cabdrivers and spent five miles of walking INSIDE the Vatican Museum.

    Keep the blogs coming. We’re gettingducated!

    Grandpa & nanc7y


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