The Great Purge

On Sunday afternoon, I pulled everything out of my closet.  Everything out of the drawers and those trusty winter storage boxes that somehow always manage to spell just a little musty.  I laid out all of my things on my bed carefully and then started making piles, the main pile was, of course, the Eliminate Pile.
Since starting my first big girl job in a business casual office, I’ve been struggling to keep a grasp on my personal style while also being work appropriate.  And, not surprisingly, made the classic mistake of trying to acquire as many pieces as I could all in the name of “keeping my options open”.  The problem was, with more options, came more indecision and insecurity.
So began the Great Purge.  Everything that I either hadn’t worn more than twice maximum this year got thrown in The Pile.  Let me tell you, there are not many things that are quite as therapeutic as getting rid of sh!t you don’t need!
I’ve donated clothes before and Saver’s is a godsend to get rid of things you just don’t want to deal with anymore.  It seemed a shame, however, to lose out on such an investment.  Earlier this summer, with our move from Newmarket, Collin and I explored Second Time Around.  I must say, I enjoy shopping there, I did not like selling there.  Their policy is to evaluate the donated items based on use (fine), age (alright), and, most of all, brand (wait.).  I mean, I get that.  I shop by brand too.  But it was the unworthy feeling of having some of my belongings labeled as “lesser” that I really didn’t like.
So this time, with my Pile, I looked online for some other options.  There are sites that operate a lot like STA – thredUp and Twice.  These are, honestly, really nice options if you a) have a closet full of brand name things and/or b) don’t really care.  I decided to use Poshmark because it gave me the ability to list all of my clothes and price them as I thought was appropriate.  I’ve even made one sale!  I’m not sure if I’ll be able to sell all of my clothes and I may end up mailing them to a third party to pick through or donating them to Saver’s, but, right now, I really like the control I have.
SHAMELESS PLUG: If you have ever wanted to shop through my closet or have no idea who I am and are interested on gr8 dealz, check out my closet!  Seriously, I listed almost 40 pieces (WOW) on there.
I’m making the commitment to myself, to keep my wardrobe down to the essentials and down to pieces that I truly love.  It’s so much easier to get ready in the morning and to go about your day when you know that you’re always putting something on that you feel 100% comfortable in.  And all the extra space is really nice!